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SADA Entertainment is a world class entertainment company which provides its customers with platforms to enjoy themselves in their leisure time. BigMac Entertainment hosts some of the most entertaining events available in the area to include live events, concerts, comedy shows, festivals, and sporting events to name a few. 

Artist Management

SADA Entertainment manages trending Artists. Artists such as rappers, singers, comedians and spoken word poets. In addition to managing the Artist's career; SADA Entertainment has a desired mission to educate the Artist of the industry and profession they are embarking upon. 

DJ Service

SADA Entertainment will provide the music and lighting for your next event. The sounds of SADA Entertainment DJs are thunderous and transcending. Weaving smart and socially conscious lyrics with floor shaking beats, every song stands out. SADA Entertainment loves connecting with the fans. 

Next Best Talent Competition

SADA Entertainment hosts monthly talent contests in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Our Mission is to find that talented Artist that need to be exposed to the entertainment industry. Once the Artist has won talent competitions in their area. SADA Entertainment will teach the Artist the core components of the entertainment industry. SADA Entertainment will sign the Artist, record music to be released and manage their career.

Sip & Paint

Paint a masterpiece with the assistance of an art instructor. Sip on your favorite BYOB social drinks as you socialize with your friends and listen to your favorite music. It's a colorful, casual party atmosphere where you can really enjoy yourself and friends. You'll leave with a wonderful masterpiece. Art supplies are provided with the purchase of your ticket. Refreshments and vendor sales are available for purchase.  

Entertainment Business Symposium

SADA Entertainment hosts the Entertainment Business Symposium which is designed to introduce and make aware aspiring Artists and Entertainers of the core components of the entertainment industry. This symposium/conference speaks of important information that is a necessity if the Artist or Entertainer is to be successful in the entertainment industry. 


Teen-X is a monthly dance party for teenagers (age 13-19) hosted by SADA Entertainment. Teen-X and SADA Entertainment feels that by hosting these dance parties; we will provide the local teens wit fun-filled and entertaining events that will reduce the chances of the teens getting into trouble with local authorities. 


BullFest originally started in 1995 in Dexheim, Germany with a group of Larry McClelland's close friends of whom all birthday were within the dates of the zodiac sign "Taurus the Bull" (April 20 - May 21). Since then, Larry McClelland has faithfully kept the tradition going annually for 25 years.

SADA Entertainment 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

SADA Entertainment's 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament is a tournament that showcases the best basketball trio in the local communities. SADA Entertainment's 3 on 3 also host live entertainment during these events with entertainers from the local communities. 3 on 3 basketball is a form of the game played three a side on one side of the basketball court.


SADA Entertainment

SADA Entertainment will help you give your next event that unforgettable experience. We provide multiple services in the entertainment needs.

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